We offer the opportunity…
To be the change.
“The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.”
InnerVibe is a hub of youth progressive activities designed to address arts education and youth business. The community studio offers drop-in activities, youth support and a Supper Club 5 days a week. We host a media studio for music recording, animation and graphic design. Youth have access to exhibition space and state of the art print and design equipment where artists can produce products for in-store sales.

We offer space, tools and equipment for educators to train youth and weekend opportunities to train adults. Please visit our community art studio for a tour and see how we can support community.
"Complimenting Traditional Arts"
The Youth of Today Society (InnerVibe Community Centre) recognizes the need to compliment traditional, visual and performing youth artists by engaging them with technology design to further explore their artistic expression and opinions. With the development of a multi-cultural youth advisory council youth will be engaged in reconciliation and creating space for diversity. The youth council will support an ongoing number of youth engagement activities such as connecting with elders, technology design and integration workshops and art shows, providing youth from Yukon communities the opportunity to work together, and share learned skills and techniques with others while leading and developing special events for National Arts Month and community forums. With additional funding a sustainable community art studio, where young, creative emerging artists will have the opportunity to create, share, and capture their visions through mentorship and a series of training, networking with other youth arts partners, and becoming leaders in their communities.
In Addition To Youth Education
We hope to include all our initiatives within the educational system as an addition to education. To compliment and implement this idea, our programs must encompass all the ingredients needed to produce an out come for future employment and post secondary school. For instance, a First Nation Magazine that was partnered within local schools would give a voice and an end-product for youth to be proud of. School systems that partner with our program can teach how to write articles, create works of art, take film or photographs, embrace social media and digital technology and use it to increase awareness about their community and way of life. The schools would then submit these products to us where we could submit into a local magazine and online podcast for global viewing. The final products could be shared with peers and family and promote learning throughout the Yukon.
History and Purpose:

The Youth of Today Society (YOTS) is a non-profit, charitable society. The society was formed in 1999 with the purpose to help address the needs of disadvantaged Yukon youth. YOTS goal is to strengthen the support system for disadvantaged youth and address their needs in order to prevent future abuse. Through our programs, we attempt to fill the gaps within services that already exist so that these youth do not fall between the cracks. A seven-member Board of Directors govern the society with the highest priority placed on accomplishing the society’s goals and objectives
Mission Statement and Goals:

“To provide a safe nurturing environment for high-risk youth in our community and to assist in their growth physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.”

• To give high-risk youth a safe environment to socialize with their peers and supportive adults
• To create a support and networking system with local businesses and organizations addressing the needs of high-risk youth.
• To provide for youth access to the basic amenities a home could provide
• To offer youth assistance, guidance and encouragement in stressful situations where they may feel insecure, such as appearing in court.
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